One of the more contentious changes in Android 12 is the new power menu, which loses all of the smart home and contactless payment functionality it gained just last year in Android 11. In fact, those following the year-over-year upgrade path may suffer a bit of software design whiplash at the fast addition and removal. At some level, even Google understands it doesn’t quite make sense (one Googler has called it “doomed), so Android 12 Beta 3 adds a new notification that explains where all the stuff you’ve come to depend on over the last year has moved to.

Note the notification at the top of the screen — which is frankly hard to see since Google dims it. 

The new toast-like notification appears when opening the power menu for the first time on Android 12 Beta 3 (and will probably be there on later versions as well), explaining where all those smart home controls and the contactless payments that rolled out back in Android 11 have moved to. As of Beta 2, both those were relegated to Samsung-style quick settings shortcuts, a change that was both confusing for those coming from Android 11 and widely panned as a step back. The new notification might ease the initial confusion for those used to the “old” way, but it still doesn’t rectify a change that most of our readers see as a mistake, and the notification itself is pretty hard to read, as the background-dimming effect applies to it as well.

Android 11: How things used to be.

A bug filed on the issue tracker for the new power menu UI has 434 stars and 185 comments at the time of writing, almost all of which are critical of the change. A Googler has commented on it as well, reflecting at least some internal strife regarding the new UI and stating in no uncertain terms, “if this is intentional, our product is doomed.”

Though the bug has been assigned and passed to the development team, there’s been no official response from the company regarding the change.